FIM Gold Power Cords Problems?

I have spoken with some one who asserts that while FIM is a good PC, it may have problems in RF rich areas, may have problems when used with other FIM PCs in same system (due to coating) and may be so stiff that they are a real hassle to use. Comments would be appreciated.
I live across the street from a high powered FM radio station in the Chicago area. I have had NO problems with FIM whatsoever. It is simply the finest power cord and speaker cable in the world bar none.
Michael Marcellas
Hi Stevedepp, I agree with Mikeam (how u been Mikeam) I know 2 others that use FIM and have not heard of this problem. As far as stiff this is true and takes a bit of time to hook up but once formed they are not a big hassle. Go for it . I think you will be very happy.
I completely agree with Mikeam and Brulee. FIM is the finest cable I've owned.
stevedepp: i'd be interested in learning with whom you spoke about this supposed problem with fim pc's. wouldn't be someone who sells competing products, would it? nah, that'd never happen.
Though not entirely neutral, it is a dealer that also carries FIM.
Thanks for your feedback folks. I am not sure why, but posting this question seemed to have earned me some negative ratings for content and delivery. It was an honest question to an issue I think is not addressed on previous chats and which I think concerns this site since FIM gets so much chatter. I'll let you know that I've researched a great deal and found a lot of fine comments about FIM that discount the 'someone' that I cite in the inagural query to this forum. Thanks again Mikeam, Brulee, JCtubes, and Cornfedboy.
Hi Stevedepp, I also scored negitaves for my post on this thread. I guess someone is fealing powerful or they don't like FIM. Shows how silly this voting can be.
There has been much talk on web-sites and within the industry about the FIM Cable, since it's introduction. They, in my opinion as well as many others, have raised performance levels dramatically. I'm sure that their popularity, (and sales), have caused some discomfort for some. It's sad to see that you've received negative ratings for simply asking questions or stating opinion.
Stevedepp, your post is fine don't worry about ratings - that is the first dumb idea audiogon has come up with. In every industry there are irresponsible people on the net, they are incognito - bet they wouldn't have the nerve to rate your post face to face.
Keep posting and forget the ratings.
I've yet to have problems of any sort with the FIM cable. While I don't live in an "RF rich" area, others that I know do, and haven't experienced ANY problem. The dealer that you mention may be trying to persuade you into a purchase with more mark-up, or more profit. But problems with FIM cables, no way, I agree entirely with Mikeam. Hope this helps.
thanks folks, i bought a couple of the fim gold, and will let you know how it goes.