FIM Gold: Flexible Alternatives.

I have tried so many hi-end and some ultra expensive power cords over the last few years. They all had their strong points but none never seemed to justify their price. Most lowered the noise floor others hi-lited parts of the frequency response etc. But nothing made me stop and say "WoooooooooW, now that is a big difference that is undeniably better in terms of micro-macro dynamics, apparent super speeding up the presentation (sort of like going from conventional dynamic speakers to the Avantgard Duos (you know what I mean if you have heard those horns properly set up)" when I hooked FIM Gold Power Cords to my amp and preamp.

BUT....they are the biggest pains in the behind to work with. Like bending a relatively thick, solid metal rod. If you used them you know what I am talking about. Has anyone done extensive comparisons to other cords and come up with alternatives that bring the same level of musicality (blinding speed, power, black noise floor etc). I have used these cords with a variety of equipment and they always do their trick. Otherwise I would not put up with their Ironman ways. These are incredible incredible cords and will keep them unless there are REAL alternatives.
Please give the Omega Mikro Active power cords a listen.They are extremely flexible and provide similar improvements in my system.Please contact me to arrange for a 30 day money back guarantee.
I have (and using) a FIM Gold, Tran ref xl, electraglide and a Kimber Palladian 10. Try the Kimber. It's a little more nuetral than the FIM, in my setup, the FIM brings out the bottom end a little much on my amp.

Oh, you won't need a pipe wrench or vice. The FIM is a nice cord over all.
One last comment...the Silver version is more flexible. Just easier to manipulate...try one as well if you're super in love with the FIM sound.

Kimber has much better IEC socket...
I like the standard and even better the Signature cords. I have also used and still own the FIM cord. I think the Elrod is better and definately easier to use. I also agree with you on the Duos, which by the way I use Elrod EPS 3 sigs for the subs
I've been using the FIM Gold series for a few years without any problems, what so ever. The first day, I spent about 3 to 5 minutes bending the cables so that they would not have extensive strain on any connector. Once bent into shape, they stay in place. My Gold power cords used on my amplifiers have stayed exactly how I'd bent them the day that they were installed, over 2 years ago.

I, too, love the Gold series resolution, micro/macro dynamics, transient response, focus and darker background around each individual instrument/vocalist. Have you tried a Gold PC to your digital source yet? If no, you'll be suprised.
I have tried the FIM Gold PC on digital sources and I agree it is fantastic cord whereever you place it. I rotate equipment around between systems so I need to get to the cords every few months. I just have to revisit the stiffness issue again and again.

Question regarding the Elrod or the Kimber: Do they give you that sense of lightening speed and clarity that the FIM Gold does? I have also considered getting a FIM Silver for the lower current sources.
I had FIM throughout my system at one time and used Aurios under all components. On my Avantgarde Trios it took me nearly six hours to install the speaker cables. Never again!

FIM will soon have a new set of cables designed by John Tucker. I have heard them and seen them installed at VSAC. They are more flexible; probably easier than the Elrods. I hope to have some to compare in my room soon. The pcs will cost $1800 per six feet.

I replaced my FIMs with Omega Mikro pcs which are quite flexible, but they hate to touch anything. They are more neutral sounding but do not have the transient response. I also tried Elrods which were almost the pain of the FIMs.

There is a $179 for 6 feet pc that I would strongly recommend you try. Go to I just ordered my third and fourth cord from them. I think they are not only a best buy but better than most if not all more expensive pcs I have tried.
imho, tara "zero," and even "the one," are
superior to the fim and a helluva lot more flexible.

Winston Ma of FIM sold off his share of FIM cables to his business partner and Garth Leerer of Musical Surroundings. Their new name is Cable Research Labs. This took place about a year ago.

I'll note that it took less than 1 hour for a Musical Surroundings employee to install a complete system with Cable Research Labs Gold at this last years' CES show. Many of you may remember the room layout; Over 8 power cords, 6 pairs of interconnects and a pair of speaker cables. I'll add that the speakers used were the wonderful Vandy 5's which require additional cabling to the amp section of the active sub. I guess it takes a longer amount of time for some, but 6 hours for one pair of speaker cables may be an exaggeration. Sean at Musical Surroundings must be a super athlete!

I'm sure that you can buy less expensive cables than the CRL, but I haven't heard anything that costs less that has its' transient reponse/dynamics/focus.
It has been said in many places but "bears" repeating again within the context of this thread: "Taste in music and its reproduction is an exact parallel to taste in food: What makes it right is person dependent." (maybe we should call this the "Goldie Locks Rule of Audio", see developing rational that follows). There may be similarities between groups of people's taste but there is always the added red pepper, olive oil or french dressing, or lack of the above that makes the salad "just right"(after GL and the 3 "bears"). For me the unique character of the FIM PCs is their incredible micro-macro dynamics, blinding apparent speed. Others do background exceptionally (the spinach) well but none launch the sound, IMHO, at blinding speed and rate of decay like the FIM cables. Makes for an extreme fun factor for me. In the same manner, thats why I wish those darn Avantgard speakers could get the bass integration right at Duo prices. I don't think there is really a superior for everyone just more right for you at that point in time. Lord knows how my tastes have changed in so many ways since I got wrapped up in this hi-end journey back when the Beatles landed in the USA (1964).

Think I will just do more arm work at the gym according to the general thoughts of the above dialog. Thanks again guys !
the new bmi whale supreme is the solution. Outperforms the fim gold, & elrod signatures. Plus even though pretty big the whale supreme bends easy and gives an extremely tight fit.

Jimmy Ho Meng
Hong Kong
if you're gonna' start a thread, best read the responses thereto before posting a stupid "all's well that ends well" as an intended "capper."

A related question for the die hard FIM fans...

I have Rowland model 12 monos.

It has been recommended that the ultimate match up is the FIM Gold PC w/ the Rowland amps.

What is your feeling about IC's and sprk cables...are you loyal to FIM's other cables in addition to the power cables?
Probably just me but I don't get anything meaningful to consider from sweeping statements that cord X "outperforms" cord Y without thoughtful specifics anymore than someone telling me to get car X since it outperforms car Y without telling the "how". Without details I don't know if the power cord or whatever piece of equipment deals with the part of the audio "improvement" I or somebody else may be looking for or if ....?

Cornfed I have no idea what you are talking about but maybe that is the idea. I am super busy now and just wanted to get some initial thoughts during the time I had to devote to this. I only considered the feedback that states specifics, read past sweeping "outperforms statements" (what does that mean anyway without specifics), and looked for responses that dealt with the elements, for me, are the most important (as detailed in my priorities for a power cord at the beginning of the thread). On balance for my priorities it looks like I better stay with what I got. Please don't tell me what I can or can not write. I find it offensive and non-productive. I suspect this may launch up another "well let me tell you sort of thing" but I don't have time for it but if you must go ahead but don't count on my participation (sorry).

Again thanks for the several responses.
The FIM Gold, now Cable Research Labs Gold, is the micro dynamic champ. Period. It also is great at macro dynamics and transient response.