Could you describe the sound of this interconnect?
I have now Diamond X3 ic's and Kilimanjaro speakercables.
CD player Classe Omega SACD and Jeff Rowland amps.
Powercords PS Audio Ultimate Lab Cable and VooDoo Mana powercords for Jeff Rowland.
Thank you for answering.
What i miss in my sound is a little bit body, warmth.
With kind regards Bernhard.
I found FIM Gold to be very rich and warm with lots of body. Bettered only by Stealth Indra and PAD Dominus (latter has plenty of "body")(did not try Stereovox, which is another alternative). But if you can find a used pair, I think FIM Gold will fit the bill for what you are seeking.
So far I find this cable, especially power cords, to be a bit on the "golden side", but within my system just slightly so. Very revealing and compared to Siltech gold, Kharma, NBS monitor, Purist, and some other selected cords FIM's are the most moderate in coloration. Whenever I pull the FIM's out for cable auditions, I inevitably reinsert them. They have worked consistently well throughout the audio spectrum.
Thank you for your reaction guys.
I have few questions.
Is it alsoo transparent?
And how about placing them between equipment that has Aurios Pro beneath them?
Thank you again for answering.
Yes, they are transparent. Dont know about Aurios Pro.
I recently replaced Black Diamond cones with Pros. Many months prior I pulled the Aurios due to a "metallic" sound. Now, with other electronics the Aurios have added depth to soundstage and I find this system more involving and musical. The FIM's have always been revealing in the systems I've heard them in. No short-comings on delineation.
B....I use their digital and find it provides an excellent balance of transparency and body. Great sense of presence and very easy on the ears, without sacrificing extension...everything is there. Slightly warm, but not soft. Probably the best I've tried. If the ICs are built from the same cloth as the digital, it may be worth a try.

That said, it's a very stiff and heavy cable...definitely not for everyone. I used to use Aurios (small ones) on transport and/or digital feeds, but couldn't with this cable--just too heavy. Now have to decide if the benefits of the cable out-weigh the absense of Aurios (yes, for now). Your Pros may provide a better physical balance though. I'd ask Siddh what his experience with (specifically) the ICs is using the Pros.
And what about the silver and gold version?
Is the gold much better than the silver?