FIM / First Impression Music

Anyone ordered through their website ?
I made an order more than 3 weeks ago and received nothing (i live in France but usually delivery is 3-4 days, at least from Telarc and a few others).
They also never responded to my emails...

Should i worry ?
They are highly professional and won't steal your money like that. Try to call them to sort things out.
Where are you in .Fr? I just discovered SanSeverino. I am going to check out FI.
Thanks Dtsag, i may try to call them but my oral english is far from decent :)

Aceto :
I live in Tours, in the Loire Valley.
Still happy with your Hyperion 938 ? (i got one pair too).
6 weeks, 2 emails and 1 phonecall later nothing changed.
I still did not received my CD.

By the way another french guy i know ordered 1 month ago and he did not received anything too.

So FIM is not really what i would call "very professional".
I just bought a CD from them through an Audiogon auction. The transaction took place without a hitch and the product was delivered well packaged as promised. I planned on buying more as titles I want become available. I would say in my experience FIM are, " very professional". I don't understand why the above posts are having such problems and will monitor these posts closely before bidding on another auction.
I wonder if the above transactions were monitored by the Audiogon purchase process that I was directed to use after the auction was concluded. In my opinion the purchasing process outlined by Audiogon insures good communication between all parties and keeps everyone aware of what there responsibilities are to make a purchase.
I did not used audiogon unfortunately, i ordered directly on their website.