FIM 880 & Spectral amps

Hello all
Ok, the time has come finally for my dedicated ac lines (the wife has finished redoing the bathrooms). I am trying to pick the outlet.
I have noticed many threads extolling the FIM outlets. I understand that they are a bit warmer sounding.
I run spectral amps with a theta front end. I was running if there is any experience with outlets that might sound better with these components. FIM? PS audio etc.
I like the balance of my system now so I am not hoping to change it.
Then use the outlet you are using now!

But with your new lines, the sound will change no matter what you do. I suggest you get a FIM, an Acme Silver, and a couple of others, including your present outlet, and experiement. Make sure you let them burn in (I guess, and your new lines will need to burn in also) and give a good, extended listen before drawing conclusions. And let us know.
Jdwek,you may have much better outlet then FIM from STEALTH audio;it cost $25-35 more,but worth every penny.They use silver platted conductors inside with gold over silver.Plus you have 30 day return policy-if not satisfied.Call toll free 800-579-4046,ask Sergey-he is company owner.He give you full info.You will have great improvement in your system.I installed this outlet 4 weeks ago and results significant.