FIM 880

Background: I recently became interested in audio gear and music over the past few months and have found a nice modest setup with a rega brio-r, some reference strada side speakers a rel t1 sub. Most recently, my audio dealer convinced me to buy a shunyata venom 3 cable and I reluctantly gave in. Wow, for any skeptics remaining out there about what power cables do to a system, let me help you become convinced. I'm a stingy guy, I'll admit it, and thought that 100 bucks for a power cable seemed kinda silly. After all, the sound isn't going though the power cord, right? Well I can't say I understand everything about magnetic fields and ground loops and cable shielding, but this change is the second best upgrade I've found. I say second best because with the cable the detail was increased, the bass was deeper, and the mids and highs were more airy and pure. I was also able to appreciate more nuanced background sounds in a recording. The soundstage was also slightly widened.

The BEST upgrade: A new electrical outlet. This power cord business got me thinking about, well, power and I decided to go with a new electrical outlet. After reading some reviews, I decided to go with the FIM 880. Thanks to Galen Carol, the outlet arrived quickly and packaged well. It took about 5 minutes to install and after powering everything up again, WOW! For about 90 bucks, I feel like I have a completely new system. The outlet is very well made and the actual sockets grip the power plugs and hang on tight as can be. Sonically, the biggest difference is the background is now very quiet. The entire range sounds more clean, detailed, and pure. I'm appreciating new nuances to songs I've listened to for years. There is no longer the slight fatigue I felt after listening for a few hours. Couldn't be happier with the purchase and I would even go so far as to say it's mandatory for anyone even slightly serious about setting up a good
system. Just wish I'd known this much earlier. Now I'm just waiting for my second outlet to arrive so I can finish up the other side of the room with my tv and dac.
Although some will disagree with power cords and outlets improving a system, I agree with you.
May I also suggest you look into the outlet that Albert Porter (on this site) sells. In my opinion it improves the sound of your system even more then the FIM 880 (which I own) and costs less. If you do some research you will see that I (along with others) have a number of posts and reviews regarding power cords, outlets, and cryogenically treating outlets. I'm sure others will recommend other outlets but I have found for the money spent, it's very hard to beat the Porter Port.
Thanks for the recommendation! Just ordered two porter ports to give them a try. Thanks for the rec!