Filter settings on Sony SCD XA777ES

I would like to hear from owners of the Sony SCD XA777ES as to what their experience has been with the digital filter setting. I know systems and tastes vary but which setting did you prefer or what characteristics did you notice. Thanks
I never used them after playing around with them a little bit at first. (I'm probably going to be kicked out of the audiophile club for that offense...)
Turn off the digital output if using analog out Otherwise, as was said, little if any diffs as they apply to info at and above 50K.

the other two filters 'Standard' and well, I forget the tother one, Optional?, did make a diff in the sound stage presentation in my system. I always went with "Optional" with the high frew filters off.

Turning off the display did more to quiet the presentation than did messing around with the high pass filtering. That was noticeable. Marginally, but surely noticeable. Try it.

try 'em all... if you hear a diff for the better, super. If not, so what?

Different footers, and power cables did more for mine than any of the filters did.

Good luck.
Thanks, That first response is very funny. I like it!! Yes they do sound different. The optuional is more focused but it seems like it also may make the stage bigger which goes against what the manual says. What are your thoughtsa on the unit as a CD player??? It seems to me a person would have to go quite a ways up to top it.
As a one box solution I liked it enough to keep it for almost 3 years... and one sled change out... $300.

I found it to be quicker and more dynamically true than it's older sibling, the SCD 777es... in fact i should have done the transport swap out sooner.

If I hadn't gone the PC as source route, I'd defiitely have done a clock and power sup upgrade, along with the analog out mod... and I did think about it. A lot.

As I said, a power cord, conditioner, and really good ICs & footers completely change the presentation, though not as much it's voice. it reamins strong, quick, and impactful. Revealing, but well mannered... eg., 3 DACs, when in stereo red Book.

Adding a very good DAc will further deliniate the sound stage to a more intuitive one. Noticeably.

true enough, with a newish 'drive/sled' it's a keeper. When that begins to go the Stage will morph, and slide a bit to one side or ther other, now and then.... and close to the end it will not read store bought dics occasionally, and skip on others... sometimes it'll be quite slow to load &/or change tracks. (FYI)

Otherwise I'd say you need to spend about double or more on the used mkt to marginally improve upon it.