Filling Room s with Sound

For those who have lots of amps and lots of speakers and who move out of the "listening position" ie. stand up, walk around etc. - and - who use receiver capabilities like Integra's "All channel Stereo" or Mono to all speakers having one source played in one more more rooms.

Some of you as I do may have two home theaters in a single source multi-room config. There are a lot of options that these setups make possible. I have found the speaker selection and placement to be the variable of most impact and interest and am interested in discussing that in this thread.
huh?? Maybe try again and restate your position. Thanks.
one room has a center and three pairs of identical floorstanding speakers - works great for HT, the floor standing is easy to position without furniture.

For all channel stereo it's even better - the speakers in common fill the room evenly

My other room still uses floorstanding speakers with more expensive and powerful fronts in all channel stereo it's a different effect than the other room.

both rooms are driven by gear in an a/v closet with components duplicated for each room - two a/v receivers, multipple amps. splitting hdmi source and other source to feed both receivers so both rooms can have the same source or not.

i don't see the whole house stereo folks doing this
So are you saying the room with the 2 higher end speakers for mains has a different sound than the room where all speakers are the same, with electronics being the same? You're interested in discussing these differences in 'effect' between the two 'schools of thought'?