Field coil dava cartridge

I have been hearing great things about the dava field coil cartridge with the tube power supply. I am only able to read a few reviews on them. The reviews seem all positive and the designer Darius seems to be a very approachable person . I would like to hear opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the cartridge. Especially comparison with the Lyra atlas sl which is my current cartridge.

thanks in advance.


Darius just posted this on Facebook

“ATTENTION!!! All the orders for DAVA cartridges will be taken again after 1 May 2023.”

not sure if this is because he is choc a block filled with orders or because he thinks debating Raul and milo will take another 8 months * 24 hours.



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i think Bonzo is just teasing you. and he is amused by your responses, not frustrated. you are not holding him back from anything.

it is your right, anyone’s right, to dismiss any product without hearing it. but when a product stops taking orders because the waiting line for it is too long, then maybe it’s worth hearing. many who have ordered it have heard it. just my perspective on the situation..

sure glad i have a DaVa here to listen to.

Dear @mikelavigne  : First I anever post something " teasing " some other gentleman, it's not my style/way of thinking. Maybe to serious about critical audio issues.

If you posted that is because you really know that gentleman way of " life ". No problem, I will delete my posts and will change it.