Field coil dava cartridge

I have been hearing great things about the dava field coil cartridge with the tube power supply. I am only able to read a few reviews on them. The reviews seem all positive and the designer Darius seems to be a very approachable person . I would like to hear opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the cartridge. Especially comparison with the Lyra atlas sl which is my current cartridge.

thanks in advance.


it seems like some prefer to debate design elegance, history, methods, materials, and measurement minutia instead of actual music playing performance. nothing wrong with that unless you are actually wanting to play music.

 i hope that some involved in those interesting musings do have a chance to hear the DaVa at some point as i would be interested in their listening perceptions about it. to me i want to first hear it to see if i like it, then maybe understand the tech to see how it did what it did. not the reverse first.

Dear @bonzo75  : Sorry to disturb you again but I re-read your posts and some information from your blog linked first by M Lavigne and unfortunatelly I can't find any single FACT/spec/measure that in any way could explain the FOUNDATION of all what you posted and that could change some of us opinions on that cartridge.


@mikelavigne , " then maybe understand the tech to see how it did what it did. "

Well that explain very clear our differences. My approach/common sense works different. 




i only hope those who visit this thread for specific cartridge listening feedback, and have to sift through all the ’other interesting things’, do eventually find what they seek.

tech talk has it’s function too, of course. but is it the meat? or beside the point?

for me it is clearly beside the point. actually acquiring and listening to cartridges is the hard part. while i respect apparent techie chops, it's not what get's me excited about hifi and music.

Dover, once again I don’t want to go off on a tangent or to steal this thread, but when I said “within 0.5 db”, to me that means within plus or minus 0.5 db in relation to 0db. That’s what I mean when I say that. I recognize there is a possibility for what I said to have been misinterpreted. I don’t doubt there are cartridges that claim such a response accuracy. I’m only questioning the reality.

Dear @lewm  : " questioning the reality ".

in the  @mijostyn  frequency range posted please tell us what's your " reality " talking about. posted that in that FR " all " FR cartridges is flat: dead flat and if you own a cartridge that measures over that then something is wrong down there and not easy to be exactly aware what is.