Field coil dava cartridge

I have been hearing great things about the dava field coil cartridge with the tube power supply. I am only able to read a few reviews on them. The reviews seem all positive and the designer Darius seems to be a very approachable person . I would like to hear opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the cartridge. Especially comparison with the Lyra atlas sl which is my current cartridge.

thanks in advance.


I wouldn't take WBF too seriously, except to say that some of those guys actually do own the megabuck gear that they discuss, which does count for something.  But beware of subconscious bias, which is inevitable and only human.

spent the weekend (5 hours Friday, 12 on Saturday, and 8 hours today) with Kedar (Bonzo75 on WBF) doing compares between the DaVa on my Tosca tonearm and Saskia tt, and my 2 other tt’s, the CS Port LFT1 and the Etsuro Gold ’special’ cartridge, and the NVS tt, Primary Control FCL tone arm and Etsuro Gold ’special’ cartridge. each of these 3 tt/arm/cart combo's was fed into an EMIA phono corrector with an MC Trio SUT.

we were joined yesterday by ’jeffrey_t’ from WBF, and today by ’Bobvin’ from WBF and ’Solypsa’ from WBF and Audiogon.

so that’s 5 vinyl loving people who witnessed considerable comparative listening with these three combo’s. my Wadax digital and Studer reel to reel were also played.

Kedar has a blog..... can read if you want to know his perspectives.

Kedar is returning Wednesday for another 4-5 hours of listening before he flies back to the UK.

i’m not even going to get into any listening opinions. you can just watch for feedback to circulate around about the weekend’s experiences. me posting my thoughts here seems not to turn out too well. the disruption impulse factor here is dominant. why would i want to deal with the grief? i only post this so those who are curious can investigate for themselves.

have a nice day.


it’s your experience with the dava that got us interested in the cartridge… a killer deal at the price . If it’s equal to the other cartridges that you have.

the hum you had was a concern but now you have fixed it . Jonathan said he never had the issue.

looking forward to hear  opinions from the others who have heard the dava .

meanwhile we have placed an order for the dava with the tube power supply. ETA is feb/mar 2023 .


@osada22 : I can see it, my mistake and something weird is that owners and not owners that read my " cantilever-less " not questioning me before. Appreciated.


However IMHO it’s not a good cartridge characteristics that the FR deviation swing is 6db at a limited frequency range of only 20hz to 20kh. That deviation means that the cartridge over colored and not so truer to the recording but away form there, 6 db FR deviation is really high at any cartridge standard. That tells that FR spec at 10hz or 40kh the FR deviation could be even higher. Those numbers looks as coming from an " equalizer " and that's what M Lavigne is listening and now I can understand why he likes it likes the deviations. No problem with me .


Anyway. good to know it and thank’s.



Dear @mikelavigne  : I know that you do not like spec/numbers or measurements any way the cartridge specs posted here tells all the true about our hot dialogue.

Yes, I was wrong on that cantilever-less premise but was not about that what you were and are listening is only higher " distortions " and the specs confirmed that fact because that unsually FR deviation it's a kind of distortion that develops additional distortions.

Your Dartzeel peak measurements were just on " target ", it measured 95db in the Dizzy horn " blast " LP against 45db for digital that you mentioned this digital peak was " rounded ". Well those 95db peak comes from the cartridge 3db deviaTION AT hf AND A 3DB CHANGE IN THE LISTEN AMP  MEANS AT LEAST THE DOUBLE OF POWER that's what showed your amp. Not desirable true energy but distortion.

I knew something was wrong down there but not exactly what was wrong and that's why I posted no less than 3 times the need for cartridge specs and now that are disclosed the ligth comes again .


Nothing comes by free, so you and your friends are listening what you listen it that's a equalized FR that certainly can't be compared against any other cartridges or any digital devices. The FR swing of 6db is a lot deviation number that affects all the whole frequency range. If you connect an equalizer in your system and boost 3db at 15khz sure you will listen more " energy " ( as you said it. ) and will like a lot as you do but it's wrong totaLLY WRONG AN IS UNFAIR TO COMPARE THAT CARTRIDGE VS ANY OTHER CARTRIDGE THAT ARE FLATNESS THAT THE ONE i'M QUESTIONING SEVERELY.


Number always count, look in a frecuency range say  20hz to 50khz a single deviation in any discrete frequency does not alters that discrete frequency only but its adjacents frequencies too and this means its whole harmonics too and that single discrete frequency deviation alters almost 2 octaves in between ! !. So and say that exist a 2db-3db deviation at 3khz that deviation distorts all the frequency range till almost 9khz. If the deviation is at 30hz then the distortions goes up to almost 90hz and everything in between.


The name of all those is DISTORTIONS that were not in the recording and that makes FIM goes way higher.

I never questioned what you was listening ( in the other thread. ) because that was what you was and are listening but now we all have a reasonable explanation.


Could I be interested in that equalizer named cartridge ? obviously NO.

Share with your audio friends where for sure there is at least one audiophile but at the same time with a little technical knowledge .