Field coil dava cartridge

I have been hearing great things about the dava field coil cartridge with the tube power supply. I am only able to read a few reviews on them. The reviews seem all positive and the designer Darius seems to be a very approachable person . I would like to hear opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the cartridge. Especially comparison with the Lyra atlas sl which is my current cartridge.

thanks in advance.


There's additional discussions on the Dava cartridge on What's Best Forum if you're interested.




the opinions by mike is what got me interested in the dava. I have read what he has said in both forums.

I was hoping someone else has heard the dava in their system and what their opinion was.

I wouldn't take WBF too seriously, except to say that some of those guys actually do own the megabuck gear that they discuss, which does count for something.  But beware of subconscious bias, which is inevitable and only human.

spent the weekend (5 hours Friday, 12 on Saturday, and 8 hours today) with Kedar (Bonzo75 on WBF) doing compares between the DaVa on my Tosca tonearm and Saskia tt, and my 2 other tt’s, the CS Port LFT1 and the Etsuro Gold ’special’ cartridge, and the NVS tt, Primary Control FCL tone arm and Etsuro Gold ’special’ cartridge. each of these 3 tt/arm/cart combo's was fed into an EMIA phono corrector with an MC Trio SUT.

we were joined yesterday by ’jeffrey_t’ from WBF, and today by ’Bobvin’ from WBF and ’Solypsa’ from WBF and Audiogon.

so that’s 5 vinyl loving people who witnessed considerable comparative listening with these three combo’s. my Wadax digital and Studer reel to reel were also played.

Kedar has a blog..... can read if you want to know his perspectives.

Kedar is returning Wednesday for another 4-5 hours of listening before he flies back to the UK.

i’m not even going to get into any listening opinions. you can just watch for feedback to circulate around about the weekend’s experiences. me posting my thoughts here seems not to turn out too well. the disruption impulse factor here is dominant. why would i want to deal with the grief? i only post this so those who are curious can investigate for themselves.

have a nice day.


it’s your experience with the dava that got us interested in the cartridge… a killer deal at the price . If it’s equal to the other cartridges that you have.

the hum you had was a concern but now you have fixed it . Jonathan said he never had the issue.

looking forward to hear  opinions from the others who have heard the dava .

meanwhile we have placed an order for the dava with the tube power supply. ETA is feb/mar 2023 .