Fieckert blackbird any recommendations ?

Now i am using project xtension with a 12 inch project arm. I am generally satisfied about the results but i am looking for a better table. On a occasion, i found a chance to listen blackbird. I liked what i heart. But i like to consider other options, what are you thinking about blackbird and what turntables can be equal to consider ? Many thanks for your helps...
I currently own a Woodpecker and a Brinkmann Bardo and both are great but prefer the Bardo with its DD over the Woodpeckers belt.

(Dealer disclaimer)
The Blackbird is a very excellent turntable. in the belt drive domain without separate motor I find it one of the best choice I Listened (extensively). In my system it replace a Scheu Premier MkIII (also German made) an an old Oracle Delphi MkII (both very good). I got a better and more extended bass with more rithm and a better overall presentation of the soundstage with less grain in the upper medium and highs.
I currently use it with only one tonearm (the excellent Reed 2A, 12" inch version) working with a Zyx 4D cartridge. About setup I think it's better to find someone that use the superb Feickert protractor and the fantastic interactive program compatible with pc and mac. After this you can forget and listen with satisfaction. rgds.