Fidelizer and JPlay

I just downloaded Fidelizer and am impressed with the difference in sound reproduction.
I am also thinking about JPlay. 
Has anyone used this combination? If so, do you like it?
Yes and yes. I've been using both for several years. Great combination.
check out the JPLAY Forum for more info/opinions.

JPlay is the greatest.

Running it under Server 2012 R2 is better.

Applying AUDIOPHILE OPTIMIZER to Server 2012 R2 is the best, unless you can do the stripping yourself.

Has anyone used Jplay with ClassicsOnline?
And is anyone using the 2 pc set up? Can you connect to more than 2 pc's?
I am currently using Airfoil to play music over wifi to 2pc's. I am wonering if this is better sound quality-wise.

JPLAY dualPC mode is for most discerning audiophiles who want absolute best sound quality regardless of complexity. It will sound better than Airfoil especially if you use wired LAN. 

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Thanks marcin, that is what I was hoping to hear.
I only found Fidelizer recently, and I have to say it truly made the sound come alive. I had my doubts about Airplay, but it was cheap and does work.