Fidelity Research MC201 m/c...still a cult item?

I bought this ultra low output m/c cartridge about 25yrs ago, having auditioned it against the best of the day from the likes of Linn and Supex, which in my estimation, it blew away completely. I have had it re-tipped by the late Garrott Bros (twice), Expert Stylus Co and latterly, Van den Hul. Audiophile friends who have heard my system (which has been assembled over many years at very low cost) comprising Quads ELS 57s, Quad II power amps, Audio Research SP-8, Leak Trough Line valve tuner, Linn LP12/Ittok LVII/FR FRT-4 transformer, have all been impressed with the system's realism and level of detail. The FR MC201 was regarded as a 'cult' item, but I have seen very little or no reference to it for many years and nothing on Audiogon. Question is has/is anyone running one and how does it stack up today? I have been contemplating buying a Koetsu Urushi but am reluctant to commit to such a large expenditure and find the MC201 (notwithstanding any age deterioration) can still hack it with the best! Any comments appreciated.
I believe the "cult" status of the MC201 was a figment of marketing imagination. It came after the FR1MK3F which did and still has such status. I purchased my MC201 in about 1985 because I could not afford the cost of the service replacement charge on my FR1MK3F that died at the time. It gave great service as my main cartridge until last year when I replaced it with another NOS MC201. Even if the MC201 did not have cult status, it certainly deserved it. It was a great performer for its very reasonable price.

The Koetsus are great cartridges, but if you could find a used or NOS FR1MK3F you might consider that instead at a vastly lower price.

I have also been casting around for longer term replacements. This wbesite "" caught my eye. I was wondering of anyone has experience of these Ikeda cartridges. I would hope that they would have some of the positive features of the FR cartridges.
I am running a VDH retipped MC 201 and FR1M3K and I tend to agree with your assessment. I believed them insanely good for the money at that time, and keeping them current with the VDH retips, it is a no-brainer. I haven't run any of a us vs them shoot-out but I too would be interested in how folks think they compare.

I can't imagine anything new being in the same ball park, but that's pure conjecture on my part.
Cult item or not, a great cardridge. Bought one with an original stylus. The item had spent it's decades as a spare to another MC201 so the condition was/is flawless. I bought the cartridge to back up my EMT TSD 15 sfl but it has served as my regular for months. Great sound! Balanced but not bland, warm but not overly romantic, dynamic and powerfull when needed. Maybe not as "see through" as some of the cardridges I have reviewed (Shelter,ZYX, Benz Micro) but tracks well and does not magnify surface noises like some other oldies. For$150 item -a steal.