Fidelity Research MC201 for an Ortofon AS-212?


I recently purchased an AS-212 tonearm and I am considering the FR-MC201 to go with it.

I am not that familiar calculating compliance and need some help.

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First of all I do not know the arm's effective mass. Second, there is no way to listen to my arm/cartridge combination without first buying a cartridge, this to me makes no sense, unless you have money to throw away. Dover's approach seems correct.


Also don't forget at a lower cost the veritable Denon 103. It's very musical.

Wouldn't bother with the 103R, for the extra I'd get a paratrace tip on the standard 103 later. I ran a denon 103 with Garott Weinz Parabolic on at Eminent technology years ago - it was very very good if you value coherence and musicality over high resolution.


I had both the 103 and 103R and I was not happy with the sound. After reading the Korf Blog I found out that the Denon 103 is known for generating a lot of excess of mechanical energy that goes straight into the headshell. But it was not the Denon’s fault, it was the SME 3009 S2 which is a lightweight tonearm. The 3009R with the steel arm tube would have been the right arm.

The 103 tracks at 2.5g +/- 0/3g and maybe, with a heavier cap/body, it will weigh more.