Fidelity Research MC201 for an Ortofon AS-212?


I recently purchased an AS-212 tonearm and I am considering the FR-MC201 to go with it.

I am not that familiar calculating compliance and need some help.

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Dear @f456gt  : Here it's all what you need and take in count that the frequency resonance you will calculate is only a point to start with cartridge/tonearm Overall set-up/alignment is even more critical:


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Thanks, it shows 11Hz but compared to what?

Not sure how you get that.

Effective mass of AS212 is unknown.

Effective mass of AS212mk2 is 12-18g.

The FR MC201 is 7.5g, no specs on compliance but MC202 is 8.5 @100hz NOT 10hz as used in the VE calculator.

If you assume 18g effective mass and compliance of 17@10hz the resonance is around 8hz which is ok.

However the AS212 has no antiskate, and since antiskate required decreases with tracking weight, personally I think you would be better off with a cartridge that tracks above 2g. 

Unless you are running vintage cartridges with tracking around 2.5g such as Ortofon or EMT you would be better off getting rid of the AS212 and getting something like an Audiomods tonearm - which will sound better with modern cartridges.

If you want to keep the AS212 have a look at Ortofon/EMT options.

And by the way if you are using a Denon HA500 headamp as suggested on another forum, you are wasting your time - its a dog - bright, grainy and low resolution.