Fidelity Research FR64s Headshell dilemma

Dear FR64S users can you help me please. I have an FR64S that i bought without a headshell. I have only just got round to getting it mounted. I did pivot to spindle distance of 231.5 (the alternative distance' I also have an armboard for 230.
I tried a Sony headshell that i had - it was 2mm short of correct alignment. So I bought a new Jelco headshell it was also too short. 
CAn you tell me what headshell does work to allow other cartridges to work. I'm just using a DL103 for alignment first as I fettle the rest of my front end.


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Dear Raul,
No one of us needs something different to Löfgren A/Baerwald or/and Löfgren B ( of course that the stupid Setevenson one is totally out of question if we are serious on the main subject and really cares about MUSIC.).

tracking distortion between 90mm. and 100mm ( 1cm. of LP surface recorded area. ) is 0.12%.
Maybe some of you can say: hey I can detect that tracking distortion level difference !. As I said maybe, I know I can’t do it.

According to your calculation sample:

Maximum Tracking distortion between Löfgren A/Baerwald (0.6%) and Stevenson (0.73%) is 0.13%.
Average RMS distortion between Löfgren A/Baerwald (0.39%) and Stevenson (0.48%) is 0.09%.

So, are there any special, hidden "Stevenson" distortions, that you can detect?