Fidelity Research FR-7 Repair

I have a FR-7 cartridge that got wacked in a move and looks bent. I was looking to send it in for repair. I see Soundsmith and cartridge_retipping-5 on ebay. I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on this. 

I thought about buying a replacement (FR-7 or FR-7f) on ebay but considering the age of these cartridges thought I might be opening myself up to being in the same position I am now. Figured repair would be cheaper. 

I'm using on an FR-64 tonearm and a Brooks Berdan modded Oracle turntable with a Cotter SUT. In the time this has been down I've tried other cartridges but nothing has the magic of the FR cartridge.  Thanks in advance for any insights.
Well, it sound like it will be happening regardless. Nandric had suggested that the cantilever could be fixed without replacement so I started thinking that perhaps I would want that anyway. Sounds like if it's bent, it will need replacement. So boron here I come. I'll have no way of knowing if it's an upgrade because it got bent over 15 years ago and I've had two different cartridges, an amp replacement and a preamp replacement in the intervening years. Oh, and tinnitus. Let's not forget that. Hopefully it retains it's magic. 
It may look as if I have something against my younger brother or
to enjoy teasing him. But the ''truth'' is our religion which must be
obey. Now the case is that not all FR-7 kinds have the same
cantilever length. Ikeda obviously experimented with different
cantilever length . This btw may explain his (later) cantileverless
designs. So the worry about the''right geometry'' is , say,
As we can see(?) the other advantage of aluminum (alloy) 
cantilevers next to ''pressure fitting'' instead of gluing the stylus
IN is that it can be straighten if dent for whatever reasons. Try
this with the so called ''exotic kinds'' and you will discover what
this advantage means. The curious thing is that while my brother
recommend ''exotic kinds'' and long for beryllium and hole 
boron pipes he admire the most his Takeda cart with aluminum
The only risk our letch may be confronted with is refusal to
to straighten his cantilever because no profit can be made
by such ''repair''.    
@letch can you tell us what Soundsmitth said about the condition of the cartridge please? Many say that it's an exceptional cartriidge. My fear is repair fees arising from suspension or coil failure. I think i read that the actual design is very robust and not prone to failure. I get that impression with several MC's of that era the juys at Expert Stylus said that Supex's when kept care of can easily las 30 years.
They haven't done an assessment yet. I asked them about the possible need for replacement (instead of, as Nandric suggested, mere repair) and they said if the cantilever is bent, it will need replacement. I'll post back when they let me know what the deal is. I'm not against replacing it. Just hoping that it sounds the same.
It will not sound the same when you change tip or cantilever. 
If you want it closer to the original use aluminum cantilever with press-fit LineContact nude diamond.