fiber optic/toslink cable recommendation

hi all, i really dont know anything about these types of cables. i have quite high end power cables, interconnects and speaker wires, but i am running my movies from an external hard drive into my cal audio cl-2500 processor with a cheap monoprice fiber optic/toslink cable.

i see some glass/quarts fiber optic/toslink cables but i dont know what to get. i know that i cant always just go buy the price of a cable.

any recommendations for a cable?

I use medical supply glass fiber cables. They have to meet strict standards and are cheap as any plastic toslink.
The web store i bought them from was mentioned over on audioasylum.. Like $15 each, i bought six, as the shipping was the killer, $17, so i figured i would buy enough to last me forever..
I would mention the site if I remembered, but this was over three years ago..
If you're interested in a glass cable and can't track down the ones Elizabeth mentions these SonicWave cables are well made and pretty reasonably priced.
Here's two sites with varying priced toslink cables. Hope this helps.

I agree with Sfar. Yhat is what I'm using, and I'm very happy
Lifatec glass fiber cables are also recommended on this site regularly. The one I bought has a flexible stainless steel jacket foot protection, and I'm quite happy with it.
The one that Elizabeth is thinking of (and I use) is perhaps this:

They have different sizes from 3-35ft. High quality, 280 strands of glass, very inexpensive.
Here is exactly what you are looking for:

This cable has bested cables up to $300+
YEs. the 'uniqueproducts' is where i bought mine. thanks.
thanks so much everyone...such a big help!!!
can anyone tell me if i should keep this cable as short as possible. i was thinking of getting a 3 or 6 footer.

does length degrade the quality of sound with this type of cable?

Length is not as important a criteria as number and severity of bends in the glass cable. If you have 3 or 4 90 degree turns that have to be sharp because of tight space requirements, that will be a more limiting factor. Try to limit this.
Thanks again for this advice as I've just spent two hours with my new Unique Products 12" glass toslink. At the very least, it's made very well, connections are solid and it was inexpensive. Sounds way better than what I was using, but I'm not trying to make outlandish claims.