Fi Preamps


Anyone here have any experience with Don Garber's Fi Preamps. I am more interested in his more costly original pre with phono.

I ordered a Fi Y, but have not received it. I can tell you more in couple of weeks. Art Dudley was(is?) using the original Fi preamp. Maybe worth dropping him an email.

See if you can find Art Dudley's original review in Listener since he describes them best. I have 2 of them and am very happy with them.
That's Art Dudley's reference preamp, go to the Stereophile website and see if you can email him.
Hi Gents

I have the copy of Art's reveiw of the Fi pre, but would like some more feedback from nonreveiwer types. Not that I do not respect Art's opinion, but He is the only one that has ever really said anything about the Fi pre.
I have spoken to Don Garber and he is still in prototype stage but hopes to finish soon, too busy building amps.


PS anyone have Art's email?
where online can find a copy of Art's review?