Fi Hi Rack & 9632; Quadraspire ?? & 9632; TAOC ASR II ??


The price of some Quadraspire and TAOC ASR II are quite the same.
It seems the design of Quadraspire is quite simple, and TAOC ASR II is more complicated.

Which one is better for Hi-Fi rack?? I cannot afford Finite Element and thus ask.

I am using Esoteric P-01/D-01, C-03, A-80
Cables are Jorma prime PC, Transparent PC, Jorma prime SC, and stage 3 concept gryphon IC

i like details, analytical.
Music are classical, jazz (instrument), jazz vocal

Can only respond to Quadraspire as I have the Suniko Vent. Spectaclular in every way. Used Target for years and thought they worked well........until that fateful day. Quadraspire controls the bass very well, cleaned up the midrange. Vibration control is truly a dark art.

System run is Manley Jumbo Shrimp, Manley Mahi Mahi, Rega R CD player, Decware ZDAC with various MAC and Decware cabling to Merlin monitors.