FEX EX Damaged New Legacy's

I just had to refused shipment on a pair Legacy Foundation subs. They were skidded, stood on end, strapped, and very nicely packaged. But....two big holes in the upper part of the corners revealed a nice blemish/scuff and  indentation on the front of one of the speakers. The Foundations use no grill, so what's visible is going to be REALLY visible. At a list price of 4350.00 dollars a piece you would think whoever checkmarks the damage at Fed Ex would have a look. I say that because the driver admitted his paperwork showed " damaged" ... I took pictures, called my dealer and he's taking care of it. I'm not a bit concerned as Legacy has always been super to deal with. Crap ...... 
I've always used FedEx or asked anyone I purchase audio gear from to please use FedEx. Then my son while on Christmas break got a job at FedEx loading trucks. He told me stories that were just hard to listen to knowing my gear may have had to endure. I've always asked seller to write on box glass, fragile, this side up, my son told me that workers don't care and just laugh when they see that and through and kick the boxes on the truck. Just thinking of my tube amp being treated like this makes me cringe.
Many sellers that offer free shipping are using FedEx Home Delivery. This is FedEx sort of, but the routes and their drivers are independent contractors. 
I had things track as in town, and even on the truck for delivery, but the driver was overwhelmed and took the truck home, and then no tracking information was available for the next day - and then it would show up. I’ve had them leave stuff in plain sight when it was flagged as “signature required”. I’ve been pretty lucky overall. 
Unfortunately, I had to have ups and fed ex come pick up damaged speakers as well. 
 I was shipped 6-7 pairs of Energy rc-70’s. Only 2 pair arrived mostly in damaged, there is a small nick on the bases , at the back, everything else is great. It was saddening to see so many of these great speakers damaged.
wanted 3 pairs of these. But after so many damaged, said two is enough. 
 Watching the morons at ups and fed ex, drop from truck on street, knowing another pair were damaged, broke my heart. 
 I feel your pain.
my price was not nearly as much as yours, but hurts nonetheless. 
Fedex this year alone has lost. I mean LOST as in we have no idea what happened to it lost. Not 1 but 2 6.7L power stroke Diesel engines. These are shipped in big 5'-6' square black totes or equal size palleted crates.


This is a simple one.. they were stolen. Nothing worse than a thief.

So we are clear. I never even took pen or pencils much less nut or bolts from work.. Others I worked with and FOR thought nothing of stealing from someone. Not even hesitate. Stealing is stealing..  I worked for a guy that stole MILLIONS from his parts suppliers.. No one knew it until they started sending the employees the notices of "Demanding payment" to be directed to the owner.. "Travelholic".

Railroad cargo theft is so bad and the payolla so HIGH it's a taboo to even talk about it.. BILLIONS a year.. 

I'm telling you, MOST people think it's ok to STEAL.. I see it every day JUST with employees using cell phones at work.. My friend that's pure and simple THEFT.. No different than walking in and stealing stuff off a shelf in a store.. NOT one bit of difference.. Go ahead and tell me how your BOSS does it.. They are the worst of all, managers and owners..

LOL Don't own a thing on the shelf, but will steal it and GIVE it to someone else.. World is full of them.. I worked with/for quit a few the same way..
Bought a Velodyne small 8 inch sub, via Fed Ex.  It was damaged and left on my doorstep.  After complying with Fed Ex paper requirements for a claim...they sent me a check for the total amount and shipping and I still have the sub.  The damage was cosmetic, clearly stated as such in my claim-go figure.  Ace Ventura delivered my Magnepan 1.7is last month.  Signature required.  Heard the quiet knock on the door, the tall box was leaning against the wall looking ripped and beat.  Ran out and had Ace come back to the box, told him take it back.  He pulled the outer box off and underneath was an undamaged shipping box containing the 1.7is.  Thanks to Magnepans shipping department they survived the trip.