few questions about classic 70's recievers

I have been looking for a nice stereo reciever for my wife to use in the bedroom...something with analog tuner and actual buttons to turn. She finds my B&K reciever too difficult to operate..heh. I had an old Pioneer from the 70's when I was younger and it sounded awsome. Too bad I gave it to goodwill years ago:(

I am considering the various 50-100w/channel versions of Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, etc. For example the Marantz 2252, 2270, 2285, 2325, and Pioneer 950, 1025, yamaha 2020 just as some examples. Not limited to these by any means.

Anyone have any suggestions, recommendations, ideas? Are the Mcintosh overpriced or do they really sound that much better? Ideas on what would be the best value in terms of sound quality per dollar?
Try to find a Sony STR-6800SD receiver. This got rave reviews in the Brit. audiophile mags. Rated at 80 wpc, this measurement was determined using a bell curve of theoretical limits; mine always pushed 105 or 110 wpc at rated distortion during the annual McIntosh clinics (remember those?) Quality build, with a REAL attenuator, and including a nifty Dolby FM switch (never utilized by the broacast industry). These flew off dealers shelves in 1975 & 1976 and kicked the crap` out of a good Marantz unit that I had previously been using. Totally blew away the 160 wpc Pioneer, too!
I owned a variety of "classic" Marantz receivers when they were brand new. I enjoyed them and they were trouble free. I would love to have that classic blue faceplate glowing in a system. Good Luck and have fun.
vintage Sansui
Yamaha. the earliest Yamaha had gold contacts. i still use my CR 600 in my office. sounds great, but beware many of these old receivers can't stay tuned to the same station as the string inside the tuner for adjusting stations has worn. No more tension. My CR 600 has the wood (veneer) on four sides. the old McIntosh receivers are still the best investment, expecially if you can get one that has been recently refurbished at an authorized dealer. But really, I suggest you just go to The Good Guys, Circuit City, etc. and get a new one with digital settings. Prices are not all that bad, there is a warrenty and she will probably feel better, unless of course it is a McIntosh, blue is good...
If she likes to listen to FM you might try a vintage Harman Kardon 930,730 or 430. You can get any of these in the $40-$100.00 range in Ebay auctions depending on their condition. I currently have a Marantz 2220B in my spare bedroom. I upgraded in the master bedroom with something more modern, an ARC integrated amp. I just got my son a H/K 430 for his bedroom and he loves it.
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Luxman made the best sounding late 70s receivers with great tuner sections and musical amplification. Good luck.
I love my Marantz 2270. Plenty of power, and those warm blue lights. Plus you get the tuner and a decent phono stage all built in. They made a lot of them so you can usually pick them up relatively cheap. Buy a one that works for about $150, and then have it reconditioned. Mike Z. in San Diego does as great job, and I think there's somebody else on the east coast I could refer also if you're interested.
Check out some of the NAD receivers from that era.