Festival Express

I just watched the DVD "Festival Express" about a 1970 tour via train with participants such as Janis Joplin, the Grateful Dead, the Band, Shanana. Man, that is some heavy s**t! If you are a fan of empassioned music and uninhibited expression, you've got to check this out. Stellar performances by all those bands mentioned above and more. It is what it was (is) all about. Check it out. What do you think?
I saw it in the movie theatre. Great stuff! Janis steals the show! Loved the scenes on the train with Janis, Jerry, The Band, noodling and playing.
really enjoyable film/documentary. it's amazing they were able to resurrect it from being literally lost for so long. the buddy guy stuff was really great too.
Also saw it in the theater. Thought the whole escalating media circus about how music should be free was an interesting thread too. Quite a slice of the times.
Catch a listen to the Grateful Dead tune called "Might As Well" found on the Jerry Garcia "Reflections" album. The song was written as a tribute to this tour and was a staple for much of the band's career.

Back in the county with the blues again........
Great stuff!!! Gotta say that Janis is amazing - you really get a feel for her. But the whole thing is a great postcard with improbable performers: Buddy Guy, Ian and Sylvia, Flying Burrito Brothers (WITHOUT Gram Parsons), etc.

Might as well...
Long train running from coast to coast
Bringing 'long the party where they need it the most