Ferrite replacements for power cords

I have read ony many forums that Ferrite constricts the sound and compresses dynamics.

Well I just experimented with the Ferrite RF stoppers on my Audioquest power cables, and yes this is exactly my experience.

With them on, the sound seems cleaner, but it's not until you remove them you realise the body of the music was missing.

So my question is what are good equivalents of treating power cables that improve the sound instead of messing it up?

Surely there are other weird alloys and magnets that remove grunge but let the music flow as well?
That is the tradeoff with nearly ANY conditioning devices!
The sound is purer, 'cleaner', but the sound also becomes leaner, 'thinner'.
To find a compromise that is acceptable is the real trick.
With ferrites one size does not fit all. That is, ferrites are designed to work at specific frequencies. You need to pick a specific ferrite for the frequency range that you are trying to attenuate. Go to the net an do a search on ferrite manufacturers and review their datasheets.