Ferrite install on appliances AC cable

Is there anybody experience the installation of "Ferrite", clip around appliances AC cable, like fridge or computer, as these appliances are near (or in the same room) the listening room.  According to your experience, is the Ferrite influence the listening of the sound of music ?
I've tried ferrite "circles" around appliances, including the refrigerator. Didn't have any effect on the audio system. However, that was years ago and the system is way more revealing now. I still have the ferrite thingies ... maybe I'll try them again. 

Ferrites are best for high frequency noise, including radio stations and other EMI/RFI.
Their best use is if you have wall warts, like for your network, or Class D amps. They are good on fluorescent lamps, but man, they can put out so much noise that it's only a slight improvement there.
Do not use on your system as they are bad for the dynamics and sound.
ebm5, Thats what someone told me, only install them on other than our music equipement 
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Until I put a Ferrite core on my antenna lead to my tuner, my tuner was unlistenable with my kitchen lights on. My kitchen lights are all LEDs and must be putting out a lot of junk. 
elizabeth, It's a shame that I can not see a photo to capture your idea.
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If you want to get technical about it, a bunch of very small ferrite beads, teeny tiny ferrites, located around the room, primarily along the 90 degree angles where walls meet walls and where walls meet the ceiling, every coupla feet, does wonders for the sound. Been there, done that. Thimk outside the box.