Ferrite cores on cables

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 I have seen a few sets of speaker cables that use ferrite cores on both ends . I do use these on my power cords with good results . Have any of you tried these on your speaker cables ? IF so what results if any ? Thanks in advance . 

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They do make a difference and your results rule vary based upon the location You place them. Trial and air is the key.

I believe it helps your fuel economy. No seriously, I had a neighbor who was sure and was going to rich!

Theoretically I agree with goofyfoot.  I would never use them.

Practically I agree with mike-in-nc.   

Both of these reasons point to not using them in my opinion.


Years ago tried some a different yes things "seemed" quieter but also some high frequencies went missing.

I have issues with my system picking up local RF frequencies. The addition of ferrite cores on all my cables has removed the interference. For me they were a major improvement in my system. 

I also think ferite tips are evil on speaker cables.  But here on power cables, it's good.

I have never tried a ferrite core that didn't sound better OFF the cable.

Ferrite cores will strip away frequencies that are intended to be heard. 

Agreed. To my ears at least.

Use them on cables from TT to phono preamp to get rid of RF/EMI.  They did not cause a noticeable loss of other frequencies.

I have used them very successfully on my PC which supplies my streaming on my system and they have got rid of an incredible amount of noise in my system and for me at least it's all for the better.

Use 2 1.5V AAA batteries with the ‘+’ pole pointing to the speaker. Much better than ferrites

We should be more specific about where ferrite cores work and where they do not.

IMO they do not work on analog signal cables. They also do not work on power cables that are supplying power to a component with a linear/transformer based power supply. The ferrite does removes noise, but also seems to slow down the transient of the power feed and creates a weird magnetic effect that gets worse the longer the ferrite is on the cable.

But I have heard them improve a switch mode power supply, both on the input of the SMPS and the output of a SMPS.