Ferrite cores on cables

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 I have seen a few sets of speaker cables that use ferrite cores on both ends . I do use these on my power cords with good results . Have any of you tried these on your speaker cables ? IF so what results if any ? Thanks in advance . 

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They do make a difference and your results rule vary based upon the location You place them. Trial and air is the key.

I believe it helps your fuel economy. No seriously, I had a neighbor who was sure and was going to rich!

Theoretically I agree with goofyfoot.  I would never use them.

Practically I agree with mike-in-nc.   

Both of these reasons point to not using them in my opinion.


Years ago tried some a different yes things "seemed" quieter but also some high frequencies went missing.

I have issues with my system picking up local RF frequencies. The addition of ferrite cores on all my cables has removed the interference. For me they were a major improvement in my system. 

I also think ferite tips are evil on speaker cables.  But here on power cables, it's good.