Fern & Roby Cast Iron Turntable?


I ran across this in a modern design magazine called Dwell. Thought it might provide an interesting topic for some. I've seen a solid aluminum table costing a great deal more, but never a cast iron one. Seems like it would ring like a bell, but the designers say that non-resonance is one of the key characteristics of cast iron that led to its choice.
The Nottingham Analogue Dais incorporates a gravity spun iron platter. The platter is spun while casting to eliminate even the tiniest air pockets. It is also damped with four rubber tubes wrapped around it, and is then topped with a one inch thick graphite 'mat' which integrates directly to the record. This platter assembly weighs about 60 lbs and must be pushed to start rotation. It sounds superb! http://www.mykindofmusic.com/nottingham/
I am unsure what the material is on top of the bronze platter. If it is the bronze itself it has innumerable fissures, cracks and pockets, which I would think is hard to balance.
A very massive plinth of iron which they indicate is damped, isn't hard to believe. In any event, this stylish table is probably very expensive.