Feniks ESSENCE - the world's best computer speaker system

Feniks Audio, a Switzerland-based manufacturer of high-end computer speaker systems, has launched our Essence model on Kickstarter. Less than 20cm tall and just 12cm wide, the Essence is the smallest high-end active sound system in the world, and in a review by 6moons.com was called the “world’s best computer speaker system.” Other publications have given us equally enthusiastic reviews.
The Essence is the ideal sound system for computers, televisions, turntables, and for use in small recording studios. Beautiful and compact, it features an integrated 24-bit/96kHz DAC designed by world-renowned electronics specialist Gordon Rankin, a custom-designed very advanced 4.5” coaxial driver, 50W/channel ICEpower™ amplification, and has USB, Toslink, and analog inputs. There is also a very high quality amplified headphone stage. Made in Switzerland, a precision die-cast aluminium cabinet and an innovative modular assembly system ensure that craftsmanship is second to none. The aluminium panels are locked together under immense pressure, with stainless steel bolts, which eliminates parasitic cabinet vibrations. Essence is designed with a purist approach, without compromises. It even utilizes a separate analog path, for those who would prefer to enjoy fully non-digitized sound from a turntable or tape deck. Despite the very compact size, it is a real audiophile high-end product in every aspect.

As impressive as the engineering is, and as beautiful as the design is, we’re most proud of the sound quality. It’s the sound quality that has most impressed reviewers. We believe our Essence system offers the ultimate in desktop sound quality. Listeners particularly praise the incredible clarity and speed, resulting in exceptional dynamics and a purity and neutrality of sound that takes the breath away.

We are lifelong audiophiles, and DIY speaker veterans. We noticed that there were no truly high-end, audiophile-quality, near-field desktop options on the market. So, we decided to fill the niche ourselves, and we would like to share our product, which took years of R&D to develop, with the Audiogon forum.

Check out the campaign at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/feniks/essence-0

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Ted Kwolek
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Feniks Audio
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The 6 moons review doesn't seem to work.
Your speakers look interesting, Any way to audition them in the USA?
Thanks gdnrbob,

I’ve also had some issues with 6moons pages crashing before. Perhaps try in a different web browser?

At the moment, we have a number of review samples in circulation, but they are not available for audition. This is why we are focusing on providing a strong selection of reviews.
Neither of the first two links work. That may seem trivial, but really doesn't reflect well given that you are trying to introduce people to a new product.

For some reason, they are adding "%20" at the end, but the links are otherwise correct. The others all seem fine.

Thank you for your feedback!