Fender Blues JR IV or fender 94’ twin.

This is for home/music room playing. I’m not looking for any distortion or overtime. I want to play ambient guitar with some reverb and delays pedals. I think the 94 is too loud for a bedroom that I will not be able to enjoy it. Opinions???

Im getting rid of my current Orange Micro Dark head with PPC112 so I’m getting out of the rock/metal guitar playing.


For those wanting to hear what great songwriters look for in their accompanying musicians/band, take a listen to the deep, Deep, DEEP groove Ry, Nick, and Jim create in "Memphis In The Meantime". Astoundingly great! Then listen to Ry’s little guitar solo in "Lipstick Sunset". Guitar playing just don’t get no better; Exquisitely musical, fantastic tone, and just plain cool! I saw and heard Little Village (the group John, Ry, Nick, and Jim formed after the success of the Bring The Family album. Their single album was a disappointment, for reasons I won’t go into here) perform the song live on a sound stage in Burbank, and I swear to God when Ry went into his solo time stood still; I had an out-of-body experience (that didn’t happen when I saw and heard Jimi Hendrix live in 1968). Ry is the favorite living electric guitarist of a lot of guitar players I know and have known.

Hiatt was given carte blanche in his choice of musicians for the recording his Bring The Family album. He didn’t choose Jeff Beck, Victor Wooten, and Vinnie Colaiuta. ;-)

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I used a Blues Jr years ago when it was introduced. Guitar tone is the player more than the gear, but the BJ  is a nice compact amp.

If you're looking for the "Fender" sound, get a 65 DRRI(Deluxe Reverb Reissue) 

It will have the tube reverb which the Blues Jr doesn't, and relatively the same cirucuit (with the exception of it being a circuit board) as the original. It's also tube rectified, which contributes to the "Fender sound."

DR is like half a twin(which is overkill ) and will be all you'll ever need-a single 12: driver. 22 watts of tube power that has been used by just about EVERY  player in studio or live setting since the 60's.

Used can be had for $600 if you look around.