Female Vocals - Nora Jones new album - Pick Me Off The Floor

Nora just released a new album -Pick Me Up Off The Floor - if you are into vocals please listen to this album ! Her vocals are amazing thru my Maggie 1.7 is. The recording is clean and crisp. Cymbals are amazing, vocals touch my soul! Base line is solid. Another gift via MQA thru my LUMIN T2. Dianna Krall has competition as my ‘Best Female Vocalist’ IMHO !

Happy Listening!
I saw that album, too, and particularly like the track "Flame Twin", as her voice does not sound like the worn out soft, breathy vocals she is famous for. She actually puts some bite into the lyrics of that piece. 

Mindi Abair and the Boneshakers has revised her sound fundamentally on album "No Good Deed" if I have the title correct, and not for the worse. She is a sax player, but with a very good voice. 

Was shocked to hear how great a Jazz singer Alison Moyet is, on her album Voice. Well worth a listen.  :)

Panels, omni, horn, dynamic, OB - they can all sound fabulous with lyrics when the system is fine.  
@tom8999 fair enough. I think the latest album has zero musicality. It's one long song...all songs sounding pretty much like the other....with a bit of tinkering "music" behind. To each their own indeed. 
I am in the not impressed crowd. The album is not bad, but there is simply nothing new compared to what she produced before.
It’s a solid record with some standout cuts and her glorious voice throughout. The thing with singers is how do they make their mark? Style? As  Compositional interpreters? Communicators of the ephemeral? I like what NJ does, how she goes about doing it, and how she sounds when she delivers. 
BTW— she did a series of You Tube at home live vids anyone who loves music should check out. She does the first live version of my favorite song from the album on her first “episode”...