Female Vocal Collection on Vinyl??

I have a question and could use some help please.......
Received an email from Audiogon about a great album called "Female Vocal Collection".
Sounds like a nice record....only one problem.  It seems its only available on digital?
Went into the search function here and typed in the full title.....no such item found.
So, question is, does this "record" actually exist on a record?  If so, how do I find it so I can purchase it!
Thanks for the help......(don't want digital....want analog on vinyl.)

are you sure that it's from audiogon? it looks like scam having mask of audiogon and worth not opening it at all. check your malware protection up to date.

Looks like it's an ad from HDTracks.  I did not see anything about vinyl mentioned.
I've seen a few of these on offer from Elusive Disc -- usually compilations from labels based in Asia ('tho the one below seems to be German) -- as a rule steer clear of compilations as you cannot guarantee what they used as sources -- seek out the original LPs of the artists you like (the Toneff is the standout track on this one, everyone should own her LP)

Original for the Toneff song

OK thanks!  It was HDTracks...It does say 'ALBUM'  In my English language that means a 331/3 vinyl record, not a 'digital recording'.

Thanks folkfreak, your correct about sources....looks like I'm SOL on this.

I believe in common English language an 'ALBUM' means full length release of artist or compilation on any type of media.

Staying away from compilations is foolish, because often movie soundtracks are actually compilations.

I LOVE compilation albums digital media or analog!  Agree with czarivey that many fine soundtrack albums are compilations and a way to get the main themes from various movies without buying the complete score recordings of every film.

folkfreak is also right to advise the use of caution as far as the source of the compilation album is concerned.