Female Plugs for DIY Power cords

Can you guys recommend a manufactureer who makes high quality female plugs for DIY Power Cords. I have been able to find Hubble male plugs but no female ones....any suggestions?
Have you tried the major electronic outlets: Allied and Newark. I would expect both of these to carry these plugs by Hubble, or some other high quality hospital grade connector.
Go to Newark.com
Here is part number:
Newwark Stock #31F1344 or Hubbell #HBL8219C. Description for: 2 pole, 3 wire hopital grade connector.
Too bad $25 min. order, but you can buy 2 (one for you and one for me :-)
Wattgate sells theirs direct. I believe the URL is wattgate.com. Rather expensive but reportedly of very good quality. Male plugs and recepticles also available I think.
After posted, i think you mean (female plug) an IEC plug.
Schurter plug 4300.0603
Newark.com $7.27
Allied $7
Carltonbates.com $? (Out of stock)
i beleived (& many others) it's a excelence plug
Thank you all for your assistance....much appreciated!