Female needs help w/B&W 801 Series 2 Upgrades

Sorry guys, its just me here, Derrick. I noticed that you guys pounce on female authored threads and I needed to grap some attention. Any 801 S2 owners out there try and xover mods? Worth it? I looked up the North Creek xover replacement and cant see myself putting in $1600 in a speaker that is worth a little over 2k.

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derricka: just take a couple of midol's (pms formula) and listen how they sound in the morning. -cfb
People, I am sorry. I surely did not mean to provoke this. Tarbishaw, come back! All is forgiven!
Hi Derrick, you lured me in w/the possibility of yet another female closet audiophile. Oh well, it's just you. I owned the 801/II's for about 10 yrs and really loved them. In the last year of their life, I purchased a crossover upgrade from Audio by ValAlstine and had it professionally installed, supposed to be comparable to the North Creek I think, anyway it did nothing to improve the tubby bass I was finally hearing and resenting. So I sold the speakers and ended up w/my Genesis 500's, which I love. I would say, don't invest in the upgrade. When I sold my speakers, I only got $1800, and that was with the Sound Anchor stands bolted to the bottom.
Best, Sarah
The Xover's that you need cost $2400 not $1600. The Xover will come in four cabinets.