female ballad song or artist from early 2000's ?

Really not much info to go on about this pop ballad from the early 2000's. It a slow piano ballad with a smooth female vocalist. Could have been her only hit as the voice was not a familiar one. Don't remember the words just heard it on a pop radio station and in the superstores while shopping several years ago, I'm guessing around 2000-2003 in there somewhere. I called the local radio station and no luck without the artist name or song title, same luck with a couple cd stores. Where would I look for it on the internet? Any idea who this artist or song could be would be a big help. Thank you, Jerry
Dude, that's going to be really hard without more info. That time period was right at the height of Lilith Fair and a lot of female artists were getting noticed. Here are a few:

Shawn Colvin
Sheryl Crow
Indigo Girls
Lisa Loeb
Sarah McLachlan
Natalie Merchant
Me'shell Ndegeocello
Liz Phair
Suzanne Vega

There are many more, so if you had any additional information, we might be able to narrow it down.
If you like the song, you must be able to at least tell us what some of the lyrics are. That should make identification pretty easy.
Seriously...not much to go with there.
Start off with songs or music list on the net.Some sites give
you samples too. Another choice is You Tube.There are other
sites on the net to check out music. Google music,hits,or use
your imagination.I found a lot of forgotten songs there.Start
off with 98'or 99' to be on the safe side.If you find something in that category,a lot give you other similar songs.Its free and fun. You might find other music you forgot.Have fun.
Thanks guys, I only heard the song a few times, once on the radio and couple times at the superstores. Sorry I can't remember any of the words. Hifitime, thanks for the info, I'll check it out. I know it's like finding a needle in a haystack. Happy listening!!
Jgeyer, this is a way long shot, but is this it?

Also if you find an artist that sounds like it's a possibility,type their name in first,then utube.The search engine must know you want YouTube,just a shortcut.
Isn't there an iPhone app that will allow you to hum a few notes of a tune and return a list of recorded versions?
No Mofiadness that not it but a good try and thanks for the new artist. Thanks again to Hifitime. Jerry
Can you at least compare the singer to someone else? Have you heard Cat Power?
Synthfreek, I just listened to Cat Power, really like there music. Thank you for recommending them. I went through 20 plus cd's that I have and there are very few female artists that are pop and play piano with the voice that I heard. Early- Jewel, Kate Schrock, Jann Arden, Mark-Chapin Carpenter. Music of today maybe, Colbie Caillat. None of these really play much piano. Sorry I'm not much help. Remember it's from 6-9 years ago. Thanks all the replys!

"pop ballad from the early 2000's. It a slow piano ballad with a smooth female vocalist"

Sounds like Norah Jones "Don't Know Why" to me.