Felt mat or AR Turntable

Hello, I just bought 71'AR turntable but does not come with any mat I'm looking for a new plain black felt mat for now (like those mat on rega or music hall?) I'll upgrade to ring mat later. if you guys know where to get it please let me know. Thanks, Rute.
sorry, I missed spelling on the headline "for AR turntable"
I made one a couple years ago before I got my P-25 that came with one.I bought a piece of thick black felt in the hobby dept at Wallyword.I took the platter off my old table and traced its outside diameter onto the felt.Cut,punch a center hole and thats it.88 cents.You can buy the same thng mail order for $8-10.Watch out for those ring mats.I tried one on my Music Hall amd P-25 with no improvement.Its has to be one of the BIGGEST RIPOFFS in high-end land EVER!! Maybe some have had improvement with them but 80 bucks for some paper and a little cork and glue?? The packaging is real nice and obviously costs more than the mat for them to manufacture. Mike Fremer remarked about the ringmat"it may change the sound of your table,but maybe not fot the better.
David, How about AQ mat? are they better than ring mat? Thanks, Rute.
Ringmat does make a difference (improvement) on the AR, and also the Linn. Personal preference as to whether it is a cost effective upgrade or not. Fremer's remarks were in regard to glass-plattered tables such as the Rega.
I tried the Ring Mat on my Music Hall and Ariston.The Ariston is very similar in design to the old fashioned Linns.No improvement at all.It didnt do squat on the P-25 either.But if people hear "improvments" and dont mind spending $80 + S/H for some paper and cork then cool!The packging is nice!!Thank God Audio Advsor has such a great 30 return policy! Go to Wallyworld and spend 88 cents instead.
I think ear wax remover runs about 88 cents as well! Give different mats a try, and trust your OWN ears. All I can say is that my AR became more detailed, more neutral. Same but more of it with the Linn.
Fremer had only used a Ring Mat on a P-25.It was the first time he had used one and found no improvement.He hasnt endorsed the mat for other tables(or the P-25) If you buy one make sure you get it from Audio Advisor since they will take it back.You have to order the right one so make sure you know which one you need.Different ones for different VTA.
Musikdoc,are you implying I cant hear? Are you one of the pricks that was causing such a hard time for audiogon a couple months ago.Tell you what Doc,I'll make you a rimgmat and sell it to you for 88 cents but you wont get the fancy packaging.I bet it will be as good as the $80 dollar one but since it will only cost you 88 cents probably wont sound as good to your golden ears.Hey are you a real Dr.? Then you must know how to give S.S.E.'s.Works good for cleaning out the ears too,DOC!
Don't know if they're made anymore but for years I used an Audioquest sorbothane mat on my Linn. Worked real good...
I interchange three mats,depending on the different music styles, engineering,or just plain mood i'm in. felt, old fulton sorbo type, and yes, a ring mat. buddy got one for 80-90 bucks. laughed myself silly,until he brought it over.not gonna debate better but did great things with high-mids and highs. snappy tightened up lows, on my equiptment.(ERA table/fulton arm/grado plat ref) would never pay that kinda green, but i did do some tradin and have the option of using or not. go felt, but don't limit yourself.