Fellow "Llano Trinity" amp owners

Just wanted to post what I think is a good tip for these wonderful amplifiers. Just replaced the shitty tubes that came with the amp with Raytheon 5751's (tubeman.com). What a difference! Brought the whole sonic picture into focus. I've owned several power amp's, one very good (ARC VT100MkII) one mediocre (ML #331) and one downright dangerous (NEW DCA66). The Llano is superior to them all. This has got to be the most underated product in audio, and perhaps it's greatest bargain. Hope this "tweak" helps out.
Adam13, Which model do you have and what speakers do you use them with.
Llano Trinity design 200, Audio Physic Virgo's
I'm curious. What did you audition prior to selecting the Llano's? Their website tells a compelling story and seems like they stand behind what they sell. Is there anything you"ve heard with a similar sonic signature?