Fellow McIntosh users - New table top radio

Have you seen the table top radio Mac is coming out with?

Robert Harley reported on it, it is called the MXA-60.
Saw it at CES, kind of ugly to me, but I never went for the Mac look, I also don't see why they tried to make it look like two pieces when it is one....
Funny how that is, because I think it looks great, then again I own Mac gear and really like their look.

I read this on another site, "The MXA-60 ($6000-$8000 when available) is the office system for McIntosh fanatics."

That is ugly. But very retro/vintage looking. So if you like retro then I guess you'll love it. It's way more retro looking than their audio line. I used to have the 6900 but I liked its look.
Ahhh Yessss, McIntosh finally goes to work. Gotta have it
for the office. That is if I still have one when it comes out. 6000 yipes, maybe I will stick with the cheapo sharp I have now. 6000 will be better spent upgrading my MX135 to the new MX150 due out about then.
Yeh, that price for any table top radio to go in the office is absurd unless you've got money to burn and don't know what to do with it.