Fellow Classic Hard Rock Lovers, I Need Advice

Hi all, I love to make compilation cd's for road trips, and other situations. I'm wanting to make 5 battle of the bands cd's. This will match my favorite groups and groups I have the most material from. I'm just a little stuck on who to match up. Bands are:
Blue Oyster Cult
Rolling Stones
The Who
Led Zepp
Golden Earring
Black Sabbath
Judas Priest
To me some pairings are obvious, Scorps vs. UFO and Sabbath vs. Priest. I'm also thinking Aerosmith vs. Blue Oyster.
I'm getting stuck on the remainder. Do I do Stones vs.Zepp and Golden Earring vs. Who? Who vs. Stones? I would appreciate some input, I tried posting this on a rock forum on another website and got ridiculous responses using other groups not even on my list. I want to use these although Rush, Bad Company, and possibly Deep Purple could be added. I will record 3 blocks of songs per group alternating. Thanks for any advice.
blue oyster cult vs the dictators......golden earring vs manfred mann's earthband
Toys in the Attic Aerosmith vs. Paranoid Sabbath
Quadrophenia Who vs. Exiles on Main St. Stones

Perhaps too specific, but that my tilt.
Cal, I'm going to alternate 3 song blocks from all I have on cd. That said I'll take note that you think the Stones and Who should be matched. I still think Sabbath will be better matched with Judas Priest but I'll think about that one too.
Jaybo, I appreciate your input but once again I wish to do this only from my list. I do not own anything (anymore) by The Dictators or Manfred Mann. I do not download music, I burn from my own cd's on to blanks using a Marantz Pro series player/recorder.
Hi Zar:

Just from albums that I own:

Let it Bleed (Stones) vs Quadrophenia (Who)

Who's Next(Who) vs Led Zeppelin 4 (Led Zeppelin)

Led Zeppelin 3 (Led Zeppelin) vs Black Sabbath 1st album (Black Sabbath)

If you happen to own any Bowie, Alice Cooper or Roxy Music, consider the following:

Ziggy Stardust (Bowie) vs Avalon (Roxy Music)

Killer (Alice Cooper) vs Exile on Main Street (Stones)


Rich, maybe I'll make a 3-4 volume cd set of my various favorite bands in alternating fashion. Instead of trying to match just two up head to head. Seems most reponses here and on the other forum I tried have leaned that way. Zar

I attempted to match up albums that I felt were similar in style that you could do a comparison against ... it is a battle afterall.

Anyway you do it should be fine. One off songs from Heart (Crazy for You) or Scandal (Goodbye to You) are great for providing a tempo shift. I used to do this with cassettes back in the day.

Regards, Rich
LOL! I think the reason why it's so hard is that none of these bands deserve this kind of treatment!