Fellow Canucks, help me out svp. Thanks, Jeff

Appreciate any guidance you can provide. I sold a tuner to a gent in the U.S.; it got damaged in transit and he wants to return it to me for full refund. Fair enough. He tried to send it back to me UPS ground and UPS wanted $180 upon delivery, I refused the shipment. What carrier should be used that's reasonably priced without getting gouged when it comes back to me? How can I get this back to me without paying duties, taxes, brokerage fees? I bought it in Montreal and it's mine after all...It's an Audio Refinement Complete Tuner that I'll have repaired under warranty. Thanks!
What???!! $180 for duties and freight? The buyer should have asked for a quote on the shipping before just sending the stuff back. He should also have made a nt to the broker (UPS broker) that the merchandise was returned to Canada because it was DOA and he could have at least gave them the original bill of lading to confirm the situation before it was sent back to you.

Now, it is too late. What has been done has been done. All I can say is to ask UPS to hold the shipment and sort it out with the buyer saying he should be responsible for half the return shipment cost because he failed to get a quote and make proper documents for duty exempt on a return shipment.

Just my 2 cents
Jeff - IMHO the choice of courier service and all the ducks in a row should have been liuned up before the tuner left for its return trip. Also the documentation would appear to be insufficient as the unit should have been noted as defective and being returned to the owner as well as being "used". This is where the buyer was remiss but I am not sure as to your possible recourse. I'd say it is up to you to do the ground work to get the shipment released to you with reduced costs. Not really fair but its probably the way things will shake out. Its unbelieveable that UPS wants such a large amount. I have had 2 packages delivered via UPS Ground from the US both being decidely larger than a tuner and neither ran costs near that high and both were brand new so I paid duty on retail prices...
Thanks fellas, the tuner was returned to the gent and is back in the U.S., what's the best way to get it to me without getting screwed over? Damned gov't
Tell the gent to send it together with original bill of lading and a note stating that the tuner originated from Canada and now being returned to Canada because it was damaged. Please call the couriers and speak to a customer rep and explain the situation so that they know what to do about the duties.
There are a few issues here that are being overlooked. UPS is billing you for shipping, brokerage & duties + GST (PST?) on the declared value. There are additional taxes for UPS’s services (brokerage).

The next wrinkle is that UPS has a BS policy of selling insurance, but its only valid on NEW merchandise. They never mention this detail when you’re aranging the shipment though. Don't dare tell them its used. If the goods got lost/stolen you'd be left with nuthhin!

What to do now...
Send the tuner via USPS. Choose your speed of service/price. Have it insured for replacement value. List the goods as “used” and “defective - being returned to owner”. Show original shipping documentation if possible (when you first shipped it to the USA) - One way or another they'll want proof that you're not purchasing/importing goods for personal consumption. Lastly, you'll have to pay $5.00 brokerage to Canada post when you go to pick up the tuner at your end + any associated taxes - but you won't pay duty, and you won't pay outrageus shipping/brokerage charges.