Felix Hell on Reference Recordings WHOA

Just bought this disc RR101 and am listening to it as I type. What a phenomenal recording and performance. I haven't even finished the disc yet but I had to post this. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the king of the instruments. And it is without a doubt the best disc I have for testing out musical BASS!!! Every track has subwoofer punishing bass like you've like I've never heard before.
In your excitement, you overlooked a few things. That is, what kind of music is this, what is the "king of instruments" and is this vinyl or CD? Sean
I forget that all of our interests aren't the same. My bad. This is a CD recording of young Felix Hell playing the the air out of a Schoenstein Organ. Absolutely outstanding playing and sonics that could be considered the new reference for testing the extreme bass capabilities of speakers, either full range or subwoofers, as well as the structural rigidity of the room in which they reside. But the CD isn't just a sonic wonder, the playing of this teenage prodigy is absolutely stunning. And I'm not even a big organ fan.
Did he just say "big organ fan"?
Yea, Paris Hilton.
Now organists everywhere have something they can aspire to: being able to play like Hell. BTW, in what city is WHOA? Obviously somewhere in the east.