Fela Kuti on Vinyl - Where To Start?

I'm not sure what the original label was that he recorded on, but I'm looking for great music and sound quality. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
I've got quite a few Fela albums on vinyl, though I am away from home and can't tell you the label. I've also got a multi-LP vinyl compilation. I know the quality of the compilation is not impressive, and I don't recall the LP's having impressive sound quality either. In addition, many of the original pressing LP's are just around 20-30 minutes long, total. For these reasons, I think I would recommend going digital for Fela, and looking to see whether any digital stuff has been remastered. I know you can get several (short) LP's on one CD.
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I'd go for Expensive Shit and Zombi first.
Start anywhere. He will not disappoint at any period in his career.
Fela Anikulapokuti, "Army Arrangement", Celluloid records is a good start.
There is a complete discography in Waxed Poetics Magazine. They did an extensive article on him in 2010 in their African Issue. You can buy it off their website.