Feets under my speaker stands?

Do you have any suggetions to feets under my speaker stands?
In case of purchase, they will replace spikes.
You can see my setup here: Kenneths highend stereo setup.

You don't state a price so I'll give the cheap advice. Take one of the spikes to a hardware store and get some furniture feet with same thread.n I did this with a pair of speakers when I put them on a hardwood floor. If the spikes are large you could get some simple carriage bolts. Both options are inexpensive and work well.
Just spike them into the wood floor. It's not like you're taking an axe to the siding of your house! If that doesn't work for you try searching disks and/or spikes and see what comes up.
Two solutions from Mapleshade:

Radiused Heavyfeet

Furniture Savers

And then there's Audiopoint Coupling Discs. There are many other such products on the market.