Feet of Silence

Anyone had any experience with this product? Do you recommend? How do they compare to Symposium, Aurios, Walker etc. Finally, what do they cost?
Nope, but I like the name. Reminds me of the "Cone(s) of Silence" from the "Get Smart" TV show.
Nice observation
These have got to be just about the most substantial isolation gizmos around, and not a budget product. I, too, would like to know how they work. Their shelving looks interesting as well.
No Max, not the Cone of Silence again!!!!!!
Actually, I have a set of these for my SME Model 10 Turntable. Fabulous isolation. The SME 10 has indentations on the bottom platter which helps it couple to the Feet of Silence. Wouldn't use the turntable without them. Haven't tried it on the CDP or Preamp, since I use heavily isolated GrandPriz audio racks.

Hope this helps.

I use the Feet of Silence on CDP w excellent results- supreme isolation...
Sutts did you compare the Feets to anything else? If so will you share your findings with us?
who makes these feet of silence?