Feet f/Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Preamp

Does anyone know if I can easily replace the factory feet on my Audible Illusions Modulus 3 Preamp with Audio Points?

I don't want to unscrew the factory feet only to find out that they're not meant to be removed. I won't take them off if they secure something else in the chassis.
Why dont you just leave the feet on and use the Audiopoints underneath without unscrewing the feet..I use them under my Meridian 508/24 ..Just placed them next to ( just behind ) each footer..They work great...Leave the feet alone....

Do you simply rest your Meridian on the points or do you use something such as Blutack to adhere the two together?
I had this preamp a few years back and tried numerous types of feet with it. Carbon feet worked the best, and I settled on the BDR Type 4.

Also remember that proper resonance control REQUIRES three feet, not four. Lord knows why so many manufacturers use four feet. And don't forget to use the cones pointing up.