Feelings on Classe CDP 0.3

Looking for a quality single disk player, like the classe stuff I already own, so I feel comfortable staying with them for a CD player. What are your thoughts on the CDP 0.3, and is the CDP 10 that much better of a unit than the 0.3
The 0.3 is a fine sounding player.

I don't own the CDP10 but I own the CDP1.5 the previous top of the line player and the CDP10 blows it away!!!! I auditioned one at a dealer. This player has the smoothness that all Classe products are looking for with a lot more detail.

Unfortunately, the CDP10 is also discontinued and seems to fetch great resale prices. They don't last long on the 'gon.
I own an all Classe system, including the CDP-10. The CDP-10 is downwright incredible , and at a list price of 2K , it kind of got overlooked in 2003. With many fine competitors {at a higher pricetag} and the year 2003 "The year everyone bought a universal player", IMO Peformance for the dollar may never come down the road like this again.
Its what I like to call "affordable high end" . I love it.
I owned the Classe CDP .3 and was less than impressed. I had a hard time getting rid of it as well. The CDP 10 is an awesome player. If you are sticking to the budget of the .3, you really should give a listen to the Rotel RCD 1072. It is incredible for the money, I think. I had a Musical Fidelity A3 that took out the Classe .3 without much trouble, and the Rotel is quite a bit better than the Musical Fidelity. (IMO of course)