Feel like I'm outta my mind....

Been through this forum, and don’t know where to start. Y’all are a pretty wild bunch!

Looking to go to a 2.2 setup, but have no idea where to begin. Haven’t seen anyone review speakers wholly, or in their entirety so far.

Old guy; ears are about 85-90% from the grinders and diesels.....LOVE the feel of sound - hence 2.2. Current dealio is dual 10" drivers and a 1" silk dome in each tower (no-name, about 275WPC on 8 ohm), and a 100W 10" front-firing sub. Missing lots of vocals though...... Looking for a full, rich-sounding set, or set(s) of towers.

Power is available through twin Carver M400a’s at 500WPC, and twin Carver M400t’s. Would love to have dual, and responsive subs to cover the low bits - let the ’a’’s handle the mids, and the t’s can get up high. Pretty sure I have the power to bi-amp on 20A breakers.....(electrician - (NOT electronics-guy!), amongst better things.) Source is usually CD, from the few thousands lying about here...

KEF Q950?? Polk R700?? Monitor 300?? SVS Pinnacle? Paradigm Premier? Monitor?

Any generalities that can start pointing me in a decent direction? Budget is simply....."let’s not get stupid...."

Metal is priority. Rock second, opera third, classical fourth. Just lookin’ for thoughts. Anything to start some ideas......


The Polk flagships can be had for a song of u look. 

im %90 metal also




lots NWOBHM stuff



Y and T


etc etc


get an amp with min 300 WPC rms, you will ;Ed the headroom for metal, and other music. 
speakers u need to listen to. 

I use energy rc-70 pair, powered by 650w rms and it’s great!

just don’t get ripped and spike the volume 

polk lsi or 

lots of speakers, if mostly metal u may need to tape a cotton square over tweeters, metal tends to be bright at times


good luck


Considering your taste in music as well as the fact you plan to use subs I think Klipsch La Scalas would really fit the bill.  Horn loaded down to 50 Hz they have  impact slam, and overall dynamics coupled with great immediacy that would bring metal and other rock to life.