I received my first record this week. The band is Amycanbe, the pressing is in smoky translucent vinyl, the recording is decent, the dynamic range is particularly wide (by hand-held SPL meter over a sample portion of the record)
The music is Portishead meets Cranberries with undertones of Rickie Lee Jones, indie big time.
I am enchanted.
Signed up with Feedbands a few months ago waiting arrival of my 3rd album this week.

All, so far have been very high quality albums both technically and artistically, highly recommended

Good Listening


I joined Feedbands in May partly because of a post here. I think it was a thread started by A'gon member MofiMadness. It has been nice seeing Feedbands evolve. They now have numbered certificates with the records and the records themselves really feel like 180 gram pressings from larger labels. I honestly did think one of my earlier records was less than 180 grams. Music wise Amycanbe and The Wild Ones have been my favorites so far. The Amycanbe record to me sounds really good, possibly the best out of all of them.

I wonder if this is a contributing factor:

"Feedbands lacquer masters are now cut by Pete Lyman.

Feedbands has been on a quest to find the most talented individual to cut our lacquer masters. We finally settled on Pete, who has mastered albums for artists including Gogol Bordello, Ben Harper, the Mars Volta, and Best Coast.

Pete's an extremely knowledgeable and experienced engineer, but what really caught our attention was his equipment. He uses a special, one-of-a-kind Scully lathe which he outfitted with Neumann electronics and a Neumann cutting head. Scully, a now defunct American company, only made a small handful of its LS-76 models, and Pete has the very first one. The German company Neumann is still around, so Pete combined the best of both worlds by installing Neumann parts into a Scully machine to create an amazing Frankenstein of audio engineering.

There's only one lathe like this in the world, and it's cutting our records. We're blown away by the sound, and we know you will be too."

I'm going to keep my feedbands subscription going. It really helps me get exposure to different bands.
I did start the thread about Feedbands and decided to go ahead and subscribe also. I have every LP so far released and I am also very impressed.

The pressing quality has been excellent and the band choices have been decent also. There have been (6) releases so far.

They now offer just a regular black version of each record for $14.95 or you can get the colored vinyl version for $19.95 with $4.95 shipping on each LP.
Very cool Mofi. One thing I forgot to mention in my post is that Feedbands customer service is really good too. One of my records was badly warped due to the USPS mishandling. I guess my mailman is a fan of CDs. I told Feedbands about what happened and they sent me a replacement record at no charge.

Did you receive the latest Feedbands release, Honcho Dreams,
If so what you think of it ? IMO the best to date.

Good Listening

Peter...yes, I got that a few days ago. I agree that it is a very good recording.

I've been pretty impressed with all of the bands and records so far.

I wish they would get their release schedule, back on schedule. They decided to do 150 gram LPs instead of 180 gram, so they could keep to their original "one-a-month" releases, but they are still slipping further behind.

I would really rather prefer the 180 gram LPs at a every other month release, than the what they are doing now.
You lucky guys got your latest Feedbands release. I still haven't received mine. Hopefully it arrives today. I agree with MoFi. I too would prefer a 180 gram LP every other month vs the haphazard shipping schedule they are doing now. It seems as soon as I get a Feedbands record I get the notice for another order but then it won't come for what feels like more than a month.
Hey everyone

Feedbands may be adding other types of music and instrumentals to those who are subscribing monthly. Check out this survey.


I still subscribe to Feedbands and am happy with the LPs even though they haven't been timely with their deliveries.

Jed...thanks for the link to the survey. I have been with Feedbands since the beginning. Did they send this to you? I didn't get one. I did fill this one out with my opinions.
Hi Mofi

They did e-mail this message directly to my yahoo account but I think it went directly into my trash due to yahoo's aggressive filtering. It was sent to me on March 12.

Glad you took the time out to fill out the survey.
Hey you all. Just putting this out there.

Feedbands has revised their website and it now has a streaming audio feature. Here is one thing I just found out. They now offer a yearly subscription for $245.95 vs. paying $22.90 a month which amounts to $274.80. I cancelled my monthly membership and signed up for the yearly charge. I know it is only a difference of $28.85 total but some savings is better than none.

Also their website is having issues with the login today. If you want to revise your subscription just call feedbands support at 888-407-9713.

Thanks everyone.
Just got done listening to this month's, (November) new release by Sweet Bump It.

One of my favorites so far.

Just got done listening to this month's, (November) new
release by Sweet Bump It.

One of my favorites so far.