Feedback system flawed?

Have you ever had a terrible experience with a member with a huge positive feedback rating? Have you ever read a feedback that is a lonely negative among many positives? Do you usually discount that lone negative feedback as a person with a chip on their shoulder? Thoughts and comment are appreciated.
They could go with the eBay model, where only those who are either the buyer or seller can leave feedback. Before eBay went to this system, you could not tell if good comments were made up by associates of seller/buyer or whether bad ones were just a crank causing trouble.
Ya; nothing is perfect. Here only buyers and sellers can exchange feedback. On a case by case basis you will find maybe 90 percent accuracy. I still am glad for what we have; and realize how hard it must be for AudogoN to be the referee for millions of transactions. We all have different eyes---.
The feedback system definately has some value. I've been fortunate so far because almost every one of my transactions here have gone quite smoothly. Being in retail sales myself, you can't always make everybody 100% happy, but I think that the intent should always be there. My understanding for feedback to be valid is that there has to be a completed transaction. I'm sure that all of us have been "jacked around" by buyers and sellers at one time or another. Negative feedback on one deal out of many could simply imply a disgruntled buyer or seller. I would definately stay away from a member who has multiple negatives in a small number of transactions. I don't think any system would be perfect, but if you only let one party in the deal leave feedback, who's to say what the other side of the story is, particularily if the feedback is negative. Without a feedback system, it would just be like shooting craps...just plain gambling!
I generally don't trust anyone with less then eight feedbacks (just kidding). People with a long string of feedback are usually great to do business with. Having said that, I have had a lot of successful transactions with people possessing little or no feedback. I handle these cases a little differently. I personally wouldn't worry about a person with one lone negative. Usually it is left by a disgruntled newbie or possibly just a hard person to please. I like this site ten times better than e-bay. That doesn’t mean it's perfect so always do your homework and trust your instincts.
One way to get a handle on the validity of the feedback is to check the feedback on those who have left feedback. And also check if the same people show up as the only ones leaving feedback for each other. I would also recommend a phone contact for anyone without impeccable credentials. I should also point out that in about 25 transactions over the last 2 or 3 years, I have only had good experiences so far.
Yes myself & another member have both had bad experiences with a particular member having only good feedback; details are available privately. It's not a hugely positive rating, but no negatives. The other member bought items from him not only in misrepresented condition but so poorly packed that the merchandise was received additionally damaged. This seller is so vindictive that this buyer was afraid to leave negative feedback concerning the deal for fear of negative reprisal on his own record. This actually is a somewhat-flawed feedback system when a situation of that nature occurs. Audiogon is presently in process of revising the feedback system so that the member receiving feedback can add comments of their own, as an attachment when warranted, such as in a deal like that.

I basically agree that I wouldn't be too worried about one or two bad ratings within a larger amount of positives; things such as buyers remorse etc does occur & the seller then gets blamed for not taking the item back (although delivered as promised in condition stated). On another note: The abovementioned member left me 3 bad feedbacks after I refused to deal with him COD, & Audiogon consequently removed them all; there was not a completed transaction (no money or merchandise ever changed hands) so no feedback was allowed. My ad did not even have COD included in the payterms.

Yes I've also been 'jacked around' (buyer changes mind) & I've even had to withdraw a couple of buy offers myself, but there were no hard feelings in that regard (everyone has a right to change his mind!) & certainly no feedbacks were posted. That is not the purpose of the feedback system at all but some abusers think otherwise, erroneously taking matters into their own hands. Just keep those "sour grapes" in mind when you read a 'poo-poo' feedback posting amongst a slew of positives. You can also use the hyperlinks to contact other members that have posted feedbacks (of either nature) in order to verify the sellers integrity or supposed lack thereof.
Feedback can also be misleading. I have a neutral feedback from a guy in Canada who I purchased something from. He mentions unexpected customs duties and charges. It is funny because the way it reads you would think he paid the unexpected fees. Actually, I was the buyer and I paid the fees. He got his sale at his price, so I don't know what his problem was???
One more observation I've made concerning feedback. Be carful when people put numbers next to their names.This is slightly deceptive in that it implies that the number is their feedback rating. I am having problems with one such person as we speak.
I think some of it has to do with people making transactions
here and leaving no feedback,good or bad. I have sold stuff
here quite a few times about 2-3 years ago and no feedback
at all.
Sorry Glen, but I disagree. How the heck do YOU know what the number next to a user name represents? Do you really think everyone with a name/number deliberately decided to use it for fraudulent intent? I hope that your rediculous accusation doesn't dissuade any potential buyers from purchasing my equipment when I decide to sell on this site. Sounds like you should join up with Oliver Stone and invent a few more good conspiration theories. -david (born in '63)
Yea, so that means David99 doesn't have 36 more? What about Cateham1700. #s next to names. What should we complain about next? I wonder if Cornfedboy is a boy who eats nothing but corn? Does Swampwalker really walk in the swamp? Is Dekay decomposing or does he just have bad teeth? Whats a Trelja? Albertporter I can understand.